Netflix Releases A New Trailer For Stranger Things Season 3


Stranger Things is definitely one of those series that we can’t help but to give into the hype, not only because Netflix writers won’t let us down with a season finale, but because it is a damn good show that captures the essence of drawing us into another world, and quite literally. In the minute and a half long trailer we’re set back in the 80’s  Summer of Hawkins with a cheesy babe of a lifeguard moment we know as Bucky Hargrove.

Still flirting with one of the now teens moms, Bucky walks like a vintage Charlies Angels to his Lifeguard post before blowing his whistle stopping a kid running around the pool which we know is a big no-no. The new season seems to focus on the growing pains of all the kids as they’re, well, not really kids anymore or that we can relate to their type of growing pains (because fighting monsters and saving the world from an upside down world is SUPER normal.)

The new season of Stranger Things 3 premieres on Netflix July 4.

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