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Tyler, The Creator Debuts Friendly New Hair In New Video


The Goats have had a full day for Father Felicia. A project release, shoe collaboration drop, and a short musical movie. Tyler, The Creator is a prodigy on many different levels, but musically most prominently. Tyler dropped his latest project, Igor, today and it’s more than pleasing. As if the 12 song harmony wasn’t heart pounding enough, he released the visual to his intro-song EARFQUAKE. “Don’t go into this expecting a rap album. Don’t go into this expecting any album. Just go, jump into it,” Tyler warned.

Always mastering the delicacy of merging real world into art this visual is epitome just of that. The video opens with a short conversation between Tyler and Tracee Ellis Ross who plays a talk show host interviewing The Creator before his stage performance. Mimicking a young Andy Warhol with a platinum blonde bowl cut, Tyler dances around the stage in front of a glittering curtain style backdrop that winkles to the glides of his silver and black platform loafer. Still moving in style he wore a two-piece sports coat and slacks suit which he accessorized with a couple of gold chains and black rectangle frames to meet the bans of his new hairstyle. As Tyler warned, the new project is definitely one to actually use your ears and take in the creative play on ‘classic’ Rap.

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