Harry Styles MET Gala Manicure Was Puts A Spin On Gothic Couture



Harry Styles is literally Americas sweetheart and not to mention his literal undeniable charm. Tonight the Internet swooned as he hit the MET Gala Pink Carpet with Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Both as co-chairs of the evening, the anticipation and standards for their looks were extremely high and oh did they deliver. Yet it was a mini accessory that cause a rupture on the internet. Harry had the manicure of a lifetime and it complimented his looks in more ways than one.

The two-toned nail candy came in black and Sea-Foam green evenly distributed. Brushed up against his nipple-freeing Gucci blouse accented with an eye-catching airy neck bow. The British dark haired beauty looked like a young Mick Jagger as he swooned the many flashing lights and frantic voices chanting his name with hopes of catching that intriguing grin, dawning side-eye, and smirk. Stacked with heavy artillery, the manicure was sat with many different rings of Gold & Silver. Most notably the Lion head beholding a Purple stone and the golden rings branding his initials. Mr. Styles has more stages than one and the perfect manicure to match.

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