Supreme Releases A Sparkling New Logo For Their 25th Anniversary


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Beginning on a corner in 1994 on Lafayette Street, Supreme was known for its involvement in the Skate scene. Now a global household name, the Instant Sell-out N.Y. brand has been around for 25 years. To celebrate the two and a half decade milestone they’re releasing a sparkling box logo tee developed of Swarovski crystals.

To add more depth to the the history timeline mark, Director Larry Clark modeled the new design with the grungy street style on full display. The new sparkly logo comes in an assortment of hoodies and T-shirts, including colors Gray, Red, Black, White, and Navy, each with authentic Swarovski crystals shaping out the famed rectangle. Using 1,201 pieces for the Hoodie and 1,161 crystals for the tee, each piece will be strategically place by hand in the brands home of New York City.

The 25th anniversary collection will release worldwide online on April 25th with in-store releases in Brooklyn, NY, London, L.A. and Paris in addition to Japan seeing a later release of April 27th.

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