Gunna Proves He Has The Most Splash In This Drip Game


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Gunna is one of the latest rappers to cultivate the culture and set the trends for a couple years to come. The furthest thing from a mumble rapper, Gunna pops his shiz with GW on their latest episode of ‘On The Rocks.’ Gunna stopped by to talk about one of his many crazy drip collections, his jewelry. Cumulatively spanning over half a million dollars, respectively, the collection includes a variety of cuban bracelets, necklaces, and rings – all custom none-the-less.

When asked what exactly drip is, Gunna gives a quick explanation summing it all up as just ‘something that you do’ and ‘just a wave.’ With the perfect example he opens up with his diamond name pendant that swings on a bust down cuban link chain, the combination piece alone ran him $250,000 dollars. Proceeding to his timepieces, which is carried in a $875 3-Watch Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Canvas, includes a $125,000 Richard Mille and his very first Rolex gifted to him from Young Thug. Sets of 3 seems to be a favorite of the Rapper as he rocks his three cross necklace which says “It’s the triple cross, what’s better than two? Three,” which we can only assume is the same thoughts about the triple stack cuban bracelets with custom diamond pendants that read “Drip Or Drown.”

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