The Chanel x Pharrell Debut Their New Collection



Pharrell and The Chanel house have a very intriguing relationship. From musical short films with Cara Delevingne, to sneaker collabs for the culture, the pair has created multiple desirable moments in Fashion. Their latest? A whimsical forest of magical street-couture. Titled “Chanel Pharrell,” the creative legend created a diverse world fusing the long known high-end reputation with his personal connection and influence with the culture to create a highway of co-branded pieces.

Inspired by ‘Akira’ and motorcycle gangs the ‘Chanel Pharrell’ collection includes apparel, jewelry, and footwear consisting of decadent sequins, vibrant colors, and some of street-style’s favorite oversize garments. The most admirable thing about Pharrell is how deeply he submerges himself into his art. For this collection he included notes of a bet he’d lost with a friend, which ironically was that he’d never work with Chanel, in which he responded by including his response on a T-Shirt in the collection. In a BTS video released by Chanel, the brand dives into the creation of the masterpiece including Pharrell’s passion of gender fluidity and the influence of knowing Karl Lagerfeld and including his presence throughout the collection.

While we’re all pretty amped to get our hands on a piece or two, it’ll launch Seoul on March 29, followed by a global release on April 4.

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