5 Season Fresh Colognes for This Summer


Although we’re just barely getting through the rains of Spring, Summer is quickly approaching (and unfortunately so are some those summer fumes.) Don’t worry, it’s universal and we all have to deal with it. Fortunately there’s a gatrillion things to assist, with one of them being a good cologne. Summer always means for lighter everything: Lighter clothes, lighter stress, and lighter scents. Here are our top five Cologne choices for the Summer.




UNTITLED : Maison Martin Margiela


MMM is the brand known for their dope ass Alien looking shoe with the split in the toe and just an overall brand to adore. My favorite thing about this fragrance is the airy flow of it. Men seem to think lighter means feminine, but not in this case. The fragrance bares notes of Citrus, Incense Resinoid, and Cedar with undertones of Lentiscus Resinoid, Jasmine, and Musk.



Oud Minerale : Tom Ford


Tom Ford is one of those brands that captivate sex in the most appealing way. Regardless of the season, they make it happen and completely undeniably. The OUD Minerale fragrance is captivating at first smell. Including invigorating notes of marine, this private blend is the perfect refreshment of summer waves and the calm summer oaks.1105003_mrp_in_l.jpg


Jo Malone :

Oud & Bergamot


Natural fragrances aren’t for everybody, but they work for most. Jo Malone has pretty much mastered the art of learning the balances of the natural notes of the skin and what it agrees with. With the Summer slightly changing those scents its good the Malone captivates the simple aura’s. With main notes of Oud and Bergamot this cologne is perfect for the season of heat.



Acqua di Parma :

Chinotto di Liguria


The first thing that you usually think about when it comes to an Acqua Di Parma is an ocean breeze. Just one spray and you’ve traveled to the plush oceanside of the most premiere Italian beaches. Chinotto Di Liguria is exactly that type of time machine. Heavy take on a light morning, Liguria has citrus notes reflecting a San Diego sunrise amongst fresh Clementine trees.


BLEU de Chanel :



Anything Chanel you can always count on it being close to perfection. Although not the newest of the selections, Bleu de Chanel is a year round staple. Having this provocative sultry scent that adapts to whatever it detects. More of a transitional cologne while you’re finding the perfect scent – you can enjoy the masculine melodies of Wood and Crisp Citrus to create the perfect blend fresh and clean.


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