Kylie Jenners California Glow After For The Return of Cali Sunshine



The one thing we can all adore about California is the Sunshine, beach waves, and heavenly Palm Tress. It seems today they were able to get back to their normal schedules with a little bit of Sunshine today. Kylie Jenner, amongst many other Californians, were ecstatic to wake up to Sunshine today after days of non-stop rainfall. The Beauty Billionaire shared her excitement with a Instagram post with the simple caption “finallyy some sun ☀️🖤🖤.”

Although we couldn’t help but swoon over another InstaGirl moment, we couldn’t help but notice the imminent glow across Jenner’s structured cheekbones. The perfectly sun-kissed glow comes courtesy of her mega-brand, Kylie Cosmetics. Although tagging the brand exactly where it counts, it was clear where the ray beamed from. Serving tresses of beach waves across her contour, she went with a more neutral lip to simply accent her skin tone hues and well, keep the focus on the money shot. Not to mention her perfectly placed 2019 G-Wagon, where’s the sign-up sheet for this type of Spring Break?

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