Yara Shahidi Celebrates Her Doll For Barbie’s 60th Anniversary ‘SHERO’ Collection



As a young girl, the first models of who little girls around the world wished to be were Barbie Dolls. With the millennial interest changing and the demand for diversity growing just as fast as the diverging heroes we have to represent the many different defiantly beautiful women we have in many different industries. Dawning new catchphrases like, “You can be ” and, “I’m curious, brave, and full of potential,” are the mentoring words leading the youth of wave changing girls. Amongst the powerful fleet of women to be honored is 19 year old Actress Yara Shahidi. Shahidi is the ideal influencer of the youth with her gracious encouragement of voting in the millennial group, to her socially aware character of grasping adulting in the new age on hit Tv-Show Black-ish. 

The Barbie Brand celebrated their 60th birthday in the most grand way to celebrate 6 decades. “It was funny, because we were running around the office with Barbie parts for a second,” Yara Shahidi told Vogue about her involvement with Barbie’s Dream Gap Project Fund, a global lead in aiding in helping young girls unlock their full potential. “Everything was a matching process from hair, to eyebrows, to skin tone, to shirt, to shoes; I think this year has really proved that they’re dedicated to another level of inclusion.” Barbie has become more than just a smiling face with stylish clothes, perfect measurements, and long hair – but women of all shades, sizes, textures, and professions instill realistic inspiration of achievement, prosperity, courage, and equality.


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