Virgil Abloh Addresses Plagiarism Claims


The Abloh wave has been imminent and strong as the hype for the millennials’ designer continues to grow daily. Fashion has always been known to repeat itself, but does that also mean copy it as well? More times than one popular unfriendly Fashion Insta Thesaurus Diet Prada, who calls out multiple designers on their ‘inspirational’ designs, has called out Virgil and his design imitations of smaller brands that get too close of the line of inspired and replica. The latest copycat claim? The major look-a-like of a design made by boutique indie label Colrs against a runway look from Abloh’s Off-White fall 2019 menswear collection in which he says is just “basically the use of a yellow fabric with a pattern on it. Ring the alarm!”

As much talk as the Off-White CEO gets, claims so damaging can’t go un-addressed for too long. In a cover story with the New Yorker, Abloh digs into the accusations and talks about the emptiness of the claims. It seems as he’s unfazed by the continuous nay-sayers, stating: Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 2.50.16 AMIn such a sensitive time where everything seem to trigger everyone it’s seems to be possible to just give creative minds the benefit of the doubt, or just hold them accountable for paying their true inspirations. Abloh is undeniably talented and built the most talked about brand of 2018 and there’s no sign of him slowing down.


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