Drake Debuts Tour Merch For “Assassination Vacation European Tour”


The best things about tour, aside from the hotties rapping lyrics along with us, is the merch. The latest to reveal their pandemonium is none other than the Champagne Papi. In new artist fashion, Drake took to Instagram ahead of kicking off his “Assassination Vacation Tour” in Machester, UK to showcase the official Tour Merch.

Look pretty familiar? The merch was created by Industry favorite TOURLIFE and mimics similar art for his Scorpion tour. The exclusive t-shirts and hoodies come decked in full to match the headlining name. Static neon infrared graphics, neutral conceptual colors, and even an ode to Austin Powers and his love for a nice ass to celebrate his six-night sort of residency performing in London.

You can check the full spread of the merchandise by swiping on the post above. Let us know your thoughts below!

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