Watch Coach’s Short Film Starring Michael B. Jordan Directed by Spike Lee


recently Coach named their first ever mens Global Brand Ambassador, Michael B. Jordan. The campaign rolled out shortly after and was filled with oozing MBJ goodness lining perfectly with the luxury leather goods and classic monogram ‘C’ logo merch. The 90 second short film is a Spike Lee Joint and although wordless, hit on a powerful topic.

Captured just outside of L.A. in the famous desert setting, the Actor is riding a sporty motorcycle decked out in the latest Coach gear. While he’s riding he pulls upon a couple of rocks with a couple of not so friendly words, “evil” and “bigotry” engraved into the stone. In a fight against the negativity, Jordan immediately throws the negative words to the wayside and replacing them with encouragement including “Courage,” “Truth,” and “Love.” In their first collaborative project, all parties wanted to instill a piece of individuality while reiterating core values that Coach push as a brand. Lee and Jordan helped hand-pick the words that appeared in the visual as a collective.

“Collaborating with the iconic Spike Lee on this short film for Coach was an inspirational experience,” Jordan said in a press release. “Spike’s art has moved the cultural dial for decades. I’m proud of the powerful messaging of this film and to be working alongside a brand that cares about putting that narrative into the world as much as I do.”

Lee also noted “I’m honored to get to collaborate with giants in their respective fields, Michael B. Jordan and Coach,” he said. “It was truly a magical day working, shooting in the desert. Enjoy.”

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