Offset Shares His Blinding $3 Million Dollar Jewelry Collection


One thing about The MIGOS is they definitely walk the Drip they talk, & 1/3 of the Group OffSet sat down with GQ to bring a few small receipts – $3 Million dollars worth. In a sit down with GQ Magazine, Offset shared his highly requested jewelry collection which includes multi-thousands per piece.

Throughout the 8-minute clip, he highlights each individual piece one by one in detail of their meanings and price, even sharing the custom cuban link he and his jeweler couldn’t name but insisted that all the others ‘don’t bite the drip.” He even brought along his wife Cardi B’s $150,000 Lola Bunny diamond encrusted chain. With many different flavors to choose from, he states his favorite piece is the $500,000 engagement ring he got her. A broad collection of classic Franco Cuban’s to more modern Bands House enlarged pendants, each piece of the “grown man” collection holds more value than just lavish diamonds, but a memories of each stepping stone and the strides of such a remarkable and highly referenced career.

OffSets album ‘Father of 4’ is out everywhere now!

Join us as we celebrate the first issue of our Editorial Magazine – which is available by clicking HERE!

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