Zoe Kravitz Wears $24k Gold Bra To Vanity Fair’s Oscar After Party


Zoe Kravitz is one of those natural beauties that don’t require much to start a paparazzi fire on any Red Carpet, yet at last night’s Vanity Fair after-party for the Oscars, the Actress and Beauty took minimalism to an extreme new level and the internet is extremely here for it!

The Armor style gold bra comes from a Tiffany & Co. collaborative collection with Elsa Peretti. The slinky mesh bikini-style bralette is made from 18-karat gold and costs a collectible’s price of $24,000. With a piece so daring, Kravitz pieced the jewelry hybrid with a black Yves Saint Laurent column skirt. To complete the look she combines a light flashy stack of platinum diamond encrusted bracelets and platinum diamond band rings. To top it off, a classic YSL purse. It’s safe to say that Zoe was as statuesque as an Oscar Award herself.

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