The BleauBook Magazine Dual Debut Issue

A post from our Editor-In-Chief.


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When I first started the mere thought of this magazine it was something that I wasn’t even sure I would go through with. No budget, no means of True Fashion, no Journaling or Huge magazine background – but I knew what I wanted, and it was this. Fashion is more than a universal feeling, it’s a global language. A language that can, and has been, articulated and transcended through many different cultures, generations, and decades. When I would flip through the pages of the many progressing magazines – that language wasn’t so clear to me anymore. Things became different. Instead of feeling inspired, bubbly, gazing at the pages thinking ”Man, this is something that I want to be.” into “Will I ever be able to be apart of something like this?” The narrative switched for me, and even for some of my peers. I was steadily inspired, but the inspiration switched. I wanted to create a moment for people across the world when they opened the pages of magazines that it gave them those exact goosebumps that I received as a child..

‘& The BleauBook was born…’

Untitled-21 copy copy.jpg

The BleauBook magazine is a magazine for the people. When flipping through the pages, I wanted everyone looking at it to feel that it was something more there for them. Something beyond expensive ads of Brands displaying things that we could possibly never become. Making us feel inferior about our real-lives (hence why we’ve pushed the launch back twice.)

When I began searching for our Cover Stars, I wanted more than just the name – someone with appreciation and a will to push forward – humility and desire. With something more to offer than a good Social Following, I am more than pleased with whom we’ve chosen. I won’t get into detail here about two of the most exhilarating people I’ve ever met – yet I’d like to welcome you to The BleauBook Magazine family. A quarterly Digital Fashion Magazine that’s trending, yet timeless. I am pleased to share this journey with you and I can’t wait for the mountains we’ll topple!

Cheers to a New Generation of Trend-Setting!


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