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The Details Behind Cardi B’s Archived Couture Grammys Moment



point. blank. period.


Tonight we got another surreal taste of Cardi B who’s taking not only the Music industry by storm, but truly becoming a Fashion Icon. Nominated for an astounding seven nominations, including Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best Rap Album, Cardi met the pressure head on with her first step onto the Red Carpet.

Wearing Archived 1995 Mugler Couture, the Superstar immediately grabbed all eyes and lens once she hit the Carpet in the engineered masterpiece. Delivering a history lesson to the ‘Logomania’ wanna-be Fashion critics on Style, the runway look is nothing short of Iconic. The Thierry Mugler Fall 1995 Couture show was one of his most buzzed, held at the profound Parisian Cirque d’Hiver, showcasing a line-up of his most strategic designs. An extravagant, extreme, and exquisite showcase of craftsmanship to highlight the Houses’ then 20th Anniversary.

But Cardi’s look specifically was one that clearly still headlines to date.


Although constructed before her time, the piece was clearly made for her as it takes a particular waistline to grace this particular elegance of structure. The Blush Satin Clam structured skirt is gives a real life view of architecture in Fashion. Mugler has always been a Fashion House that pushes the limits of imagination and combining Costuming with realisms of everyday life. Worn just as we remembered it: With the pearl waist belt, nude bodysuit, and sparkling nude catsuit laid perfectly to give off a mesmerizing sparkling scaly skin overlay. To complete the look with a similar multi-layer pearl stranded necklace, and matching hair piece to sculpt her bouffant bun.

Walking the Carpet with her Husband Offset, the Superstar took in her moment as she deserved a taught the lesson accordingly. Perfectly recreating the posing of the original model in the Collection, Cardi looks just as timeless to reference in another couple decades.

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