This American Horror Story Star Went Extreme High Fashion On The Golden Globes Red Carpet

photo: Getty Images


The Golden Globes Red Carpet is the carpet of the season where you can break any barrier and showcase any type of style that you deem fit for your expression. As did AHS star Cody Fern. Men, as of lately, keep it fairly safe on the carpet – yet tonight we saw a plethora of a few different patterns and styles and sheer made this case.

Cody wore a sheer shoulder button down, high waist trousers, and to top it all off – Maison Margiela’s legendary Tabi heel boots. The iconic toe cut boot is popular amongst street-style and will sky-rocket further with their red carpet debut. Letting his outfit do all the talking, Fern tucked in his blouse style button down and a slight smoky eye to catapult his daring eyes.

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