Cardi B’s Gravity Defying High-Fashion Shoe Moment

The beauty of Fashion is that you can literally do whatever you want, throw your middle finger in the air, and watch the world share your passion in the art. Canadian designers Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2 are two of those people, and it works for them. Specifically in the case of combing all trends to stay on trend but creating the ultimate trend. Yea, that confusing.

No stranger to taking the Runway straight to the streets – a flick for Insta isn’t an exception. Sporty buckles – PVC – Chunky soles are all this Season’s favorites when it comes to the sneakers everyone is wearing and when you jam those all together (with two shoes per shoe) and you get this funky moment double sneaker wedge moment. At first look when the Spring 2019 collection debuted in June, it was all unfamiliar and appealing with the most eye-catching being these colossal sneaker wedges. With a pose to match the caption, the rapper hit a cute air seat showing off the black and white shoe showcasing the mechanism of the gravity questioning shoe. Paired with the perfect DareToBeVintage by Shane Justin quilted two piece set Cardi definitely looked like schmoneys.

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