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Offsets $11,000 Custom Jeweled Laurel Dewitt Hand-Made Birthday Look

photos by Backgrid



Offset has always been one of Fashions favorite men – so you can expect nothing short of traffic stopping extravange for his birthday. Last night the Entertainer hit the the streets of party going West Hollywood in one of his most memorable, yet resembling, looks to date. Beyond the shimmering sparkle jacket, is the centerpiece hand beaded Ski Mask to start the night.

The drip king claimed his throne last night as he covered himself from head, quite literally, to almost toes in sparkling jewels. A one of  kind piece by a deserving celebrity favorite, Laurel Dewitt, who specializes in Metal and Chain apparel. The Ski-Mask flowed almost perfectly into the diamond jacket of jewels shining to wrist meeting his multiple double cuban link bracelets. Keeping the rest of the look as simple as a Migo could with acid washed metallic jeans and chunky monotone white reflective sneakers.

We can only imagine how great the look of tonight will be as The Offset in Shining Armor host his Second annual Set GALA to celebrate his birthday.

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