Victoria Beckham Brings Back The Pants Of The 80’s

photo: The Mega Agency


As major as Fashion is today, what once was will always find its way to become it again – and usually on one of Fashions favorite ‘it’ girls. In this moment we have Victoria Beckham a well rounded entertainer and even more praised designer. Strutting the streets of NYC in a pair of the most Luxe ribbed stirrups. Taking us on a train ride back to the 60’s Stirrups are a statement originally designed for Horse Racing to loop around the bottom of their shoes to restrict the pants from riding up during racing.

The trend quickly made its way to the streets, but phased away just as certainly when the focus became more minimal going into the 90’s. Fast forwarding to today where we’ve seen in on High Fashion Runways such as Balenciaga, and today in a more modern version by Victoria Beckham. The usually minimalist dressing Designer dressed down her Stirrups over an extreme point toe stiletto and an oversized Camo jacket. Finishing with the best accessory to offer, her shoulder length ombré tresses graced her large frame sunglasses with the perfect amount of drama!

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