Louis Vuitton Will Be Taking It’s Resort 2020 Show To New York

photo courtesy of Getty Images

One of the best things about Fashion is it’s the literal universal language. Louis Vuitton is among the most of prestigious Fashion Houses that host some of the most extravagant reminders of just fluent that language could be. From the oceanside breezes of Brazil to the trend setting streets of Japan LV knows how to cultivate the culture and essence of convention.

Nicolas Ghesquiere took to InstaGram today with a beautiful ode to the previous Resort shows under his direction to announce the 2020 Resort Show to be held in New York City. On May 8th, 2019 – just two days after the MET gala. Although details are being kept tight about the forthcoming show, judging by the previous glamorous shows New York is definitely going exceed in parallel amongst the reputation (although the announcement video posted multiple feature shots of the Brooklyn Bridge and various monumental skyscrapers.)

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