First Live Worn View Of The Off-White™ x Nike Air Max 90 “Black”

photos by @solebyjc


It has definitely been a season of cultivation and success for Virgil and his fantastic team at Off-White™. With a year full of collaborations with the likes of adjacent big names, creating large innovations to the culture inducing the profits and Instagram worthy outfits.

With the their latest collaboration between Nike, they’ve designed some of the dopest renditions of the brands most profound concepts. Up next we have the Nike Air Max 90 “Black”. We’ve seen the product shots religiously floating around and thanks to sneaker curator @solebyjc, we can now see the blackout out live on feet. The “Black” shoe is indeed maintaining it’s authentic concept, yet with a major upgrade. Monochramtic and glorious – mashing the intricate suede and mesh detailing with the visible expandable stitching. The most noticed underwrite of the production is the printed production code hidden beneath the suede ankle flap above the heels of the shoe.

There’s no confirmed release date of the Collaboration shoe – but check back with us frequently for the release dates.

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