Frank Ocean Sets The Winter Uniform Tone With A Prevalent Trend

photo: Backgrid

Although a very hard reality to face, as much as we love Frank we don’t get to see much of him – yet when we do, it’s definitely a vision for sore eyes!



As he’s been very vocal about his love for London, revealing last year that at the helms of his else of 2016’s favorite album ‘Blonde’ that he’d spent several months recording songs to be featured.  Last night we all got a glimpse of what we’ve been missing as Frank stepped out on the town last night in the seasons favorite piece for a gentleman to have in his closet. London is the unpronounced street-style capital, and Ocean definitely got the memo. Understanding that you yourself is the entire accessory, it makes dressing alot more effortless. For Frank, he went for a classic all-black look with a classic waist-length puffer jacket. To complete the look, he added a neon-green and white sweatshirt, black pants and sneakers to match. Although, seeing him still rocking the blonde do is a major heartthrob moment!

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