Frankie Bleau Gives A Slight On Look At The Black Wolf’s A|w’18 Collection

photo by @frankiebleau

It’s used to always be black and white with very little gray area – yet with this new era of Fashion Designers barriers are quickly falling down. Its always a breath of fresh air when someone remain themselves all the while continuing to create moments for generations now and to come.


Frankie Bleau took to his InstaGram stories to give a slight insight on exactly what it is to come with this forthcoming collection for The Black Wolf. “I know y’all sick of seeing flames but you hoes ain’t seen my flames” Bleau said laughing in the short story video, following a detailed video and picture of a piece to be included in the collection. It is true that Flames have been in collection of the previous season with the like of Moschino and even Prada bringing back the beloved flame heels. This past summer Bleau released a capsule preview of the collection with a cropped version which is hand painted and matching pants which immediately sold out.

There is no word of the set release date for the Collection but it is sure to heat things up.

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