Spring 2019 | Gucci – RTW

001One of the most beautiful things of Alessandro Michele, beyond those luxe tresses he wears so graciously, is the ability to see past the standing. Each collection Michele takes us to a re-invented Gucci Wonderland in which we can experience past experiences of some of our favorites in this industry we admire so much. Alessandro always finds a way to become what isn’t a create what wasn’t and envision what can’t be seen. Like The Summer Resort Collection where we watched trains and exquisite fabrics trail alongside flames and fires.

Today we were given a VIP admission to a history lesson of a good time: Le Palace in Paris – a club in the great ’70s and early ’80s club in an old theater in Montmartre a.k.a. the vintage stomping grounds of shake-your-groovethang. “Everything is a bit dusty here, a bit abandoned, but beautiful,” he said. “But this place is full of life. The models could have been coming to the nightclub.” Which is true – the dust house of history turned Runway held the “in-Crowds” of Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo, and Karl Lagerfeld.

The advantage that Michele has mastered is the desire of Imagination and Wonder of what was. Gen X specifically – we are so infatuate with the past times and wondering what our grandparents were doing and wearing. Or even the artist that were curating some of the most critical pieces of art to date. Taking moments like that and creativng a sort of revelation by controlling the time is commendable.

Extravagant designs of a pimp from the 90’s, a back of the bookstore regular or a highly decorated Country Singer were on full display and fully accepting of the multiple smartphone and ooh’s and ahh’s. Peacock style feathers that create the wind that flows, fur totes, sculpted carry-alls in the shape of Mickey Mousse, constructive male panties, beaded sequins in eloquent positions to evoke a sparkling excitement, even sparkly jockstraps with precisely tailored pants – not to mention rocked on the outside area. Vulgar and full of taste Alessandro created a pool of party and fear – with a cannon ball of high-fashion goodness.

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