Burberry Is Taking A Sustainable Initiative By Haulting Using Real Fur

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At a point in Fashion where everything is has grown beyond clothes, it’s a pivotal point in looking good not just for yourself, but for all parties involved. Fashion Houses from all price points have been taking problems head on, adding their attributes to keeping environments sustainable and lessening risk involved with creating some of the most beautiful Fashions we all adore.

The latest to curate a change is London Fashion House, Burberry. Post it’s new appointment of Artistic Director, Riccardo Tisci – and even unveiling a new logo, they’re on they latest venture of improvement. This time for the environment, Burberry has vowed to stop using real Animal Fur with production of their garments. In a recent interview with Business of Fashion, CEO Marco Gobbetti confirmed the brand will no longer use animal fur including rabbit, fox, mink, and Asiatic raccoon fur, as well as angora wool.

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In the “NEW ERA” as Tisci took to Instagram to call it, the already distributed Fur products will begin to phase out of Burberry Stores and the ban is effectively immediately. Riccardo is set to debut his first collection under the House this Season at London Fashion Week. If you didn’t know, Burberry joins a list of friends that have also vowed to become more eco-conscious. Gucci, Tom Ford, Versace, Michael Kors, Givenchy, and Furla have all also banned the use of Fur.

Another great thing the Fashion House is addressing is the said $36.8 million worth of Burberry products that were unsold, burned, and destroyed in the 2017 year. Moving forward the Brand will move towards a more environment conscious way to discard past seasons.

“We think that modern luxury that doesn’t take into account the social and environmental responsibility really has no meaning. Now customers are not happy if you don’t care about the environment they live in,” Gobbetti said.


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