A Whole Lot Of Queenin’ For Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio Listening Party

photos: Apple Music, Nicki Minaj, Instagram

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Nicki Minaj has always been one to warp a conversation. Whethers it’s been about her avant-garde looks, her voluptuous figure 8, or most importantly – the lyrics that’ll give anybody a good run for their bars. Tonight Nicki hosted a Radio Show when she titled ‘Queen Radio’ in which she curated some of her most popular, and favorite, hits of her career to date. As if the promotion cycle for the Album wasn’t a rollercoaster on its own, we all were in for the amusement park of treat on the Radio show with the promise of a big treat. “I was gonna play the album right now but someone fucked up,” Nicki uttered “It’s a lot of corporate drama in here.”

Nicki Minaj and friends pose for a picture between sets on Queen Radio (pictured from left to right) Cassie, Winnie Harlow, Sevyn, Nicki Minaj, Justine Skye, Normani, & Draya Michele.

Nothing short of an episode should be expected when The Queen is involved. Although Drama is the last thing that we would thought of by the vibes of the Queen energy surrounding Minaj on her big night. From the singer sisters of Kelly Rowland to reality tv mavens and Supermodels like Kim Kardashian & Winnie Harlow – Nicki definitely paid major a major nod to Queens that are doing the damn thing. Although we didn’t get to her the Album – Minaj promised that it’ll be out 12 p.m. EST. “So you guys, I’ll be back at 8 a.m. (PST) and I’ll play the album by 9 a.m. before the album is released noon Eastern.” Minaj finalized as the Radio show came to close.

It looks like we’re going to officially hear the music of emotions tomorrow because shortly after off-air, Nicki posted the tracklist for the Album to her Instagram.

Which looks like it’s going to be your favorite track?

Check back for the official Album update as the release draws closer.

One response to “A Whole Lot Of Queenin’ For Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio Listening Party”

  1. […] Nicki Minaj has had a strong start to retirement as she recently designed a collection for Fendi. Nicki has always had a long unspoken, yet spoken, love for the high fashion brand with the signature double ‘F.’ The event took place tonight at the Fendi boutique in Beverly Hills and was rolled out in Pink in homage to the international phenomenons Barbie mantra which she still wears so well. The collaboration titled “Prints On,” is a capsule collection of 127 pieces of decadence that range from swimwear, footwear, curve hugging dresses, handbags, sunglasses, and much more. […]


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