The Dapper Dan x Gucci Collection Is Now Online To Shop At Your Convenience

Photos: Courtesy of Gucci by Dapper Dan

New York has always reigned for the Fashion Capital of the States. Breeding some of the most talented and desired brand for the world to see. One that we’ve all favored and deemed a legend is none other than Harlem’s very own Dapper Dan. Most popularly known for his creations of famous Fashion House and engineering them into designs of the modern eye.

The Collections was initially set to be sold only at the SoHo location, but luckily now its online for purchase worldwide.

(click to enlarge photos)

It was in the 80’s gangster era that Daniel Day, known popularly as Dapper Dan, rose to the pivot of his career. Designing from King Pins to the decades favorite Olympians. No different than today, it was the culture of Hip Hop and Sports that assisted in designing the lane that Dan created in his own tenure of creative visionary greatness. With his niche, came his popularity amongst artist like LL Cool J, Floyd Mayweather, and the famous Puff Sleeve jacket for Gold Medalist lane Dixon.

The greatest thing from inspiration comes legacy. Years later Day’s pieces are iconic references that has led to an official collaboration between himself and Gucci to further extend the legacy and creations of the Dapper Dan brand and with its first full collection debut its exudes an upgrade to classics we didn’t know we need. Custom lined embroidery and monogrammed screen printing describe and create a glamorous excel of Luxury culture with the variety of statement pieces. Wide frame decked out glasses from the 80’s, an old-school rendition of the fanny pack, vintage style bombers, shoes the block is still hot for, and backpacks the dope-boys will still esteem to have – still fully captivating the nostalgia of the 80’s and 90’s that we all so desperately crave.

To shop head over Gucci’s official site, select flagship stores and join history.

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