Chanel Launches Three New Fragrances For The Summer And They’re Unisex

Chanel has a long standing relationship with fragrances and their direct connection to introducing classics that we don’t know we need usually always bold and full of florals like their signature favorites Chanel No5. Not usually unisex, the brand is exploring options as their in-house perfumer Olivier Polge introduced three light eau de toilettes called Lex Eaux de Chanel.

Curated in a very sleek bottled that is inspired by a flask, Polge created three fragrances inspired by destinations with delicate importance to Coco Chanel’s life: Venice, Biarritz, and the beach town Deauville – which is where she opened her very first boutique in 1913.

DEAUVILLE – is romantic and woody. Finishing with a patchouli aroma- clearing the indeterminate definition of what’s for who.



BIARRITZ – comes as the most traditionally cologne style of the collection, still yielding an attraction to those still engaged to the feel of the perfume. An ode to the moment Coco attained her independence in a broad way, she shaved off all her hair and opened her first Couture house. Including notes of grapefruit and mandarin and lily of the valley – it’s intent is to finish on the scent of light clean linens and fresh air.



VENISE – As we smelled and counted the culture, Venise because the instant favorite. You can feel in the inspiration and talents of the Byzantine and Baroque art counted in Chanel’s moments in Italy. A powdery, oriental scent with violet undertones, and the similar warmth of mid spring days it includes the amber accord and cedarwood. A divine creation of the watery pastel aroma to infatuate the feelings of structure and beauty.


The Chanel Lex Eaux de Chanel collection is now available for $130 each, chanel.com.

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