Jay-Z Appointed As President of Operations For PUMA Basketball


Athletic brands serves as more than trendy tracksuits and a good pair of sneakers. It’s when they collaborate with the athletes and powerhouses to create a legacy worth referencing for decades to come. Late yesterday, we got a glimpse of just that when German Athletic Brand PUMA announced that Business-man, Artist, and Record Exec (aka a legend) Jay-z will  be serving as President of Basketball Operations. Adam Petrick, PUMA’s global director of brand and marketing, made a statement via Complex about Carters appointment stating that he ‘will have a hand in selecting endorsees as well as assisting with the overall concept and direction of the brand.’, which also includes overseeing the design direction of sneakers and apparel.

The job isn’t a stranger to the Rocawear founder. His ability to connect and resonate with the millennial consumer paves a new way with leadership. Appearing in the Everything Is Love visual for APESHIT, Jigga is no stranger to Fashions. The newly appointed Creative Director is already tasked with a rigorous work schedule with prospects DeAndre Ayton of Arizona, Marvin Bagley III of Duke, and Zhaire Smith of Texas Tech being first singed to assist in the revamp – being the first athletes to the brands division since Vince Carter entered the league in 1998.

This appointment could heed to a different more creative side of Jay-Z. Given almost full control of creating for the refreshed segment, there is definitely a craving for whats to come and we’re looking forward to it.

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