LeBron James’ Pre-Game One Look Is Just The Summer Style Statement We Needed

photos by Carl Shouls the BleauBook

LeBron James definitely won one thing tonight, and that is best Fashion moment of the Season. Walking into game one of the NBA Finals of 2018, James sported a deep charcoal grey shorts suit, yes SHORTS!


Thinking shorts with a suit are bit ‘avante garde’ well, not usually. This mega-moment is a signature from the American designer – Thom Browne, who’s frequently spotted in his own designs which just so happen to include short-suit sets. The intricately cut, engineered, and tailored ensemble was no understatement for the night that was upon the entire team – all which were wearing Browne – which displayed a symbol of unity as stated by Coach Ty Lue.

Garnished with a matching tie, iridescent structured arm jewelry, a crocodile tote, and finished with mix match socks and a pair of shined-to-perfection driving boots, this could definitely be a vibe for the Season to come.

Being stylish, and even more importantly, not over-heated.

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