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The BleauBook Pick Six: Week of 5.14 | MEN

Michael B. Jordan

Wearing: Felt Plaid Jacket Shirt, White Tee, Distressed Ash Black Denim, & Chelsea Boots
Why?: Keep it simple and sleek when you’re wearing Plaid. Under stand the pattern is a nice sort of statement. So classically, dress it down.
Spike Lee.png

Why?: Necklaces over your tie? Why Not.

Luke Evans.jpg

Wearing: Bottega Veneta
Why?: Evans has become a master on making that 70’s slick look for him. The Cropped Slacks, Penny Loafers, Straw Belt, and Silk Lined Button Up Sweater are all Spring staples we can learn from.
Virgil Abloh.png

Who: Virgil Abloh

Wearing: Bleau windbreaker, Black Tee, Statement Belt, Ash Black Dad Jeans, & Sneakers.
Why?: The dad is a relatable universal style that has become very popular lately, but Virgil elevated it with the correlating shoes and jacket finishing with a pair of deep black vintage style frame.
Donald Glover.jpg

Who: Donald Glover

Wearing: Salvatore Ferragamo suit, Kenzo shirt, Bottega Veneta shoes, and Tiffany & Co. jewelry
Why?: Red isn’t a friendly color for alot of people, but clearly when you throw a monochromatic spin on it – and you’re Donald Glover, you become one.
Adrien Brody.png

Who: Adrien Brody

Wearing: A monochromatic ensemble of Gray – Scarf, Tee, Jeans, & Chukka Boots
Why?: A trend that we’re not sure when, or, why it faded but would love to see it as a comeback. The scarf tie is an simple staple and extremely easy way to elevate your look. Whether it be on the Streets or the Red Carpet.

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