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Did The Carolina Herrera House Try To Downplay Lena Waithe’s Iconic MET Debut

I mean, is it not known that the LGBTQ community run all things Fashion?

Tonight was definitely a night to remember as there were more good, than bad looks hitting the carpet of The MET Gala tonight. With the theme being ‘Heavenly Bodies and the Catholic Imagination’ the moment we all didn’t realize we really needed, or that we were waiting on rather – happened when the relentless Lena Waithe hailed glory to the Catholic Carpet in a undeniable statement.


The first black female winner for comedy writing at the Emmys this past award season, wore an entire custom look by Wes Gordon for Carolina Herrera. A defined tailored black suit and dazzling brooches of tradition, but the proper revelation of it all is the LBTQ Flagged cloak on attention or ‘happy pairing of colors’ the House called it.

On the House’s Blog:

C.H. house statement.png

Would it hurt your demographic and sales that much to simply acknowledge the truth, meaning and importance of what you took part in creating? Or do you just want the expanded knowledge, aka money, of one of the largest spending communities in the industry of any retail business? Yea, just as confused here.

Nonetheless nothing can take the shine away from the trailblazing political advance towards a hopeful future this shining star presented this evening!

Congratulations again, Lena.

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