What we learned from Emily Ratajowski’s Spring selfie!

Photo: TheImageDirect.com

 Honestly, the one thing that we all LOVE to do in warm weather is get crazy with our Style! We’ve been bundled up for all of these two seasons that have seemed to run the course of an entire year OR, for some of us, been working like animals in the gym to get out moment! Either way, Emrata is prepared for whatever it is to come!


While she preciously reminds us that Summer is near, and that well none of us are as ready as her with these killer well-down abs – BUT it doesn’t take couture to look chic in the heat! Dawning a very girl-next-door summer look she’s wearing A pair of vintage looking shades, a funky leopard-print Miaou jacket, a black crop top, a pair of blue track pants, and to top it all off – plain white sneakers and fire red side purse.

But let’s just forget the awkward gazing and even the somewhat privacy invasion, it’s enlightening to know that it takes a time or twenty for our favorite celebs to get that perfect shot and lightening, too.

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