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3 things we learned from the 3 most admirable looks from The Oscars 2018 Red Carpet.

Fashion is all about taking risks and setting the trends, but most of all – get the people talking! Which is exactly what these three women – all from different ages – displayed this evening on the Red Carpet.

1.) Whoopi Goldberg.


Whoopi in Christian Siriano is definitely a moment to remember. It’s not unlikely to see Whoopi in a gown, ever actually for she’s worn them to almost every carpet that I can remember. The royal cerulean style belted gown was definitely a bold choice for the Oscar winner, but even more a splash of whoopee with the vintage style glasses and red ribbon in support of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

The beauty in this moment is her making us remember that she too is the belle of the ball. Also that fact that she revealed the long secret of the purpose of a long over-exaggerated beautiful masterpiece…

Whoopi Goldberg in Combat Boots.jpgto conceal the most comfortable shoes of them all.. Combat Boots.

2.) Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish.jpg

Tiffany is definitely herself when it comes to.. well.. anything. You can always depends on this boastful beauty to bring the enlightenment to anything that she’s involved in. Instead of a glamorous over-the-top gown she went for a cultural Habesha dress & Kaba. She made sure everyone she spoke to tonight knew how “ethereal and royal” she felt.

This dress came as a tribute to her late father whom lived in Eritrea where her father lived until he passed away last year. A moment of truth and grace.

3. Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno.jpg

It’s one thing to be classic, but then there’s another to be timeless and we can all agree that Timeless is of Rita Moreno in her look this evening. She wore this same gown in 1963 to accept her award for her role in “Westside Story.”

She almost wore the same look down to the attitude, but she opted for a low cut sweetheart neckline, gaudy neckpiece, and a turban to make the timeless piece more of the essence. More important than anything, lets just take the time to appreciate the fact that she can still fit PERFECTLY in a look from 5 decades ago!

Talk about aging like wine!

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