Why the Stars were draped in black tonight..

At the opening of Awards Ceremony season, we got a very pleasant surprise. Tonight we saw celebrities – both men and women – in support of the #TimesUp movement. The Times Up movement is a collaboration effort of women throughout Hollywood to shine light on and end sexual harassment and imbalance of rights within the industry. The step-forbad began tonight with the Fashions! All of the celebs and nominees that hit the carpet were draped in some of the most beautiful shades of black to grace the events carpet.

This is only the beginning. Many other actions have been paid forward by the organization, profoundly the establishment of a legal fund that will “subsidize legal support for individuals who have experienced sexual harassment or related retaliation in the workplace.”

Time’s Up supporters include Reese Witherspoon, Mary J. Blige, Eva Longoria, and Allison Janney, among others.

Not only was black the dress code, accompanying were more humble gestures of support.

The women of the carpet also decided too wear jewelry of Emerald. Which is the tranquil eloquence to showcase ‘Peace, Balance, and Justice.’

What was your favorite part of the evening?

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