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We’re collaborating with some of Fashions Biggest influencers to show we care.

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By now I’m sure that we’ve all seen the imminent disaster to fall over the Southern Texas Region and it is truly heartbreaking. I’ve been contemplating on whether to post or not because I wasn’t fulfilled at all just watching everything I’ve grown to love fall apart around me.

I’ve been a resident of TX for a few years now and it has truly grown on me and resonated a place so very deep in my heart. I’ve had the opportunity to be apart of some great establishments to contribute in giving back, and although I’m very grateful for each, I wanted more, I wanted something that was for the people that was by the people. So I collaborated with my sister company, The BleauBook – an online Culture Organization with focus in Fashion, Media, & Beauty – to construct a campaign that ruined into an entire entity to provide for a tremendous amount of people.

‘Let’s Denim Together’

So here’s how it works:

1.) You’ll take a picture in a favorite pair of denim that you own with this caption.

Join me in collaboration with @thebleaubook and #DenimDues in supporting all those affected by #HurricaneHarvey. As we know Hurricane Harvey landed in southeastern Texas as a Category 4 hurricane devastating the entire region with life altering destruction. To show my support, I’ll be donating these favorite pair of denim as a spread of my love, to them. In return, every pair donated @thebleaubook will donate .50 cents to Harvey Relief Efforts. Please join me by simply sharing a picture of you in a select pair of denim you love to donate to those so deeply in need right now. Peace and blessings. #TheBleauBook #TheBleauBookAndMe #Denim Dues #LetsDenimTogether 👖

(Let’s be courteous. Although this is out of generosity and all things are greatly appreciated, we are still donating to human beings please let items be gently worn and in good care. Please note that this project is an acting charity, and proceeds will come directly from myself, The BleauBook & #DenimDues charitable organizing. No Red Cross, No Salvation Army, no in between man – everything is going direct from you to us to the people.)

2.) You’ll send your select pair(s) of denim to the following address below.

Shipping Address:

Bleau Enterprises

Suite #285

ATTN: Denim Dues

12335 Kingsride Lane

Houston, TX 77024

Once you’ve shipped your denim, please follow up with an e-mail including shipping information and any/all confirmation numbers included to contact@thebleaubook.com or info@frankiebleau.com. Once received, you’ll receive a personal receipt and thank you!

3.) Share and repeat!

It’s going to take all of us! Every single one of us. It may start off slow, or it may instantly just jump off! Either way, lets continue to support the vibe and share the energy!

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