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Disney’s Princess Realism continuously inspiring young girls nationwide for more.

Dream Big, Princess.

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It’s still so mesmorizing that a conglomerate such as Disney is still inspiring children as it once, and still does might I add, inspire the generation I grew up in.

The fictional character world has been suffering lately in the women’s department for only depicting to young girls that the only way to live happily ever after is rescuing/or being rescued by your Prince Charming. Starting today anytime one of the images from Disney’s #DreamBigPrincess and hashtagged, they will donate $1 to the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign. This campaign is so monumental because it focuses in on young girls promoting and showing them leadership and empowerment in the most critical development stages.

For the image Campaign, Disney scouted 19 female photographers to shoot positive images of strong and independent female role models doing things from all sorts of the world including playing Soccer and even including the youngest person to speak at the United Nations the leader of the first female cycling team in Afghanistan, and a Chinese Paralympic gold medalist. Talk about power and diversity.

Photographer Kat Parker captured a great array of the Campaign with inspiration of having daughters of her own. The goal is to donate 1 Million dollars to the campaign and with how much we’re on Social Media, that can be done in a day. So…. #DreamBigPrincess.

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